4Χ4 Necessary Equipment
Cars should have:

• Large plastic trash bags
• Plastic boots
• Work gloves
• Rope
• Straps (at least 2)
• Carabiners, snatch block
• Off Road Jack
• Spare tires
• Fire extinguisher 2kg
• Tow joints
• Extra clothes
• Car tools
• Water (2 liters)
• Lighter
• GPS and extra batteries
• Mobile phone which will be open with a loud sound
• Horn - lights

Enduro - Quad Necessary Equipment
Riders should have:

• Motorcycle tools and extra spark plug
• Tire repairing set - if no mousse is equipped
• Mobile phone in waterproof packaging (able to phone out and receive calls) which will be open with a loud sound
• Horn - lights
• Camel Back with water
• Energy Bars
• Enduro Jacket plus a waterproof jacket
• GPS and extra batteries for 15 hours autonomy
• Mini Survivor kit (compass, torch / flashlight, foil survival blanket, lighter, small mirror, whistle, smoke rocket, flares or red hand-held smoke flares, pencil + contact number + first aid form, paper and useful phone numbers).

alertTent and sleeping bag for the 5th day!

alertJerry can for the 3rd and the 5th Day.

alertPersonal mobile phone (telephone number) with roaming.



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