The race is 7 days of competition, with 7 Stages. The 7th Stage is only for bikes, NOT for Quad, Cars & SSV.

The 1st Stage starts at noon, with a Liaison to the Super Special Stage Prologue, that will also determine the starting order for the next Stage. Before the prologue, riders can go a calibration tour, easy or hard, round the bivouac, for 15-20kms.

The following Stages start early the morning and will include 1 or 2 Special Stages, with the final destination always being the town of Serres, except one day in which we will camp on the Paranesti Village near Drama town!

The starting order for each day's Stage is determined by the classification of the previous Stage.

arrow228th August | 1st Stage
Pre Test for Checking & Calibration - Prologue - Eleonas
60km | 1 Prologue Special Stage - (SS1 Metochi - Melenikitsi 36kms)

arrow229st August | 2nd Stage
Xirotopos, Lailias, Fea Petra, Agistro, Roupel, Katingo, Kapnofyto, Katafyto, Ano Vrontou, Kato Vrontou, Pernieste, Menikion Mountain, Bosdakas Crossing, Chionochori 
267km | 1 Special Stage (SS2 Lailias Classic - Agistro - Bosdakas Crossing 252kms)

arrow230st August | 3th Stage
Therma, Kerdylia Mountain, Stavros, Chalkidiki, Olympiada, Rentina, Vrasna, Makedonian Tembi, Vertiskos, Nigrita 
234km | 1st Special Stage (SS3 Ayrton Chalkidiki 173kms)

arrow231st August | 4th Stage
Oreini, Balta Tsair, Lailias, Vrontou, Ochyro Fort Road, Nevrokopi, Achladia, Achladomilia, Nestos, Potamoi, Mikromilia, Kara Dere, Symida Forest, Megali Panagia, Elatia Forest, Virgin Forest, Loutra Thermion, Nestos, Prasinada, Potamia, Dipotama, Paranesti.

317km | 1 Marathon Special Stage (SS4 Road Trip to Paranesti 317kms)

arrow21st September | 5th Stage
Paranesti, Lekani Mountains, Krinides, Kavala, Ipsoma Vasilaki, Sandhills, Symvolo Mountain, Strymonas, Amfipoli, Nea Zichni, Serres 
255km | 1
Special Stage (SS5 Lekani 69kms)

arrow22nd September | 6th Stage
Strymoniko, Ossa, Koronia, Big Volvi, Nymfopetres, Small Volvi, Vertiskos, Kerdylia, Nigrita
253km | 1 Special Stage (SS6 Vertiskos - Volvi Lake 200kms)

arrow23rd September | 7th Stage
Xirotopos - Lailias - Orini - Romaniacs - Elaionas - Rachovitsa - Serres
97km | 1 Special Stage Enduro (SS7 Enduro 97 kms)



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