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ANDRENALINE RENT has informed us that they will be at the paddocks and will be renting out cameras for the event. They will NOT be selling but renting, something new to Serres Rally.

We will be only renting not selling Go Pro Cameras. The available cameras will be GoPro Hero with helmet mount, 32GB Memory cards ( must be returned everyday ) for the riders of motorcycles and quads, and mount for the hood of buggies and cars.

The rental prices will vary depending on the amount riders will want to rent them.

More specify:
1 day only = 15€
2-7 days = 10€ per day

The above prices do not included the storage cards.
We have available USB flash memory 64GB at a special price of 10€ per piece, for someone who does not have his own storage card. (64GB are enough to record 4 days).

There will be no extra charge for the transfer of files to another storage device.

Cameras can be picked up from our tent every morning, but they must be returned back to us after the race day, so we can prepare the cameras for the next day.

Responsible for the good condition of camera after the end of the racing day is the competitor. In case of loss or damage the competitor must compensate for the camera with a cost of 150€

Best regards
Bogianoglou Constantinos

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