The best Edition of the Serres Rally is on the way!

It’s our pleasure and an honor to present to you the new version of Serres Rally for 2017!
In August, the Town of Serres will welcome once again the Serres Rally for the 2017 season.  Serres Rally 2017, - the biggest Rally ever held in Greece- will be organized by Off Road Team.
It is a «bona fide» Rally Raid event which will be held in Northern Greece and is part of the FIM and FIM Europe calendar, making it an official event of the Cross Country Rally Raid World.

Furthermore, the organizational integrity of the event will be of the highest standards, since the Off Road Team (www.offroadteam.gr) and the Auto Moto Club of Serres (www.lams.gr) have already shown their quality with successful event organizations, like the World Championship Enduro WEC - EWC from 2004 to 2016, the ISDE 2008 and also the National Championship Rally Raid with 8 races every year all over the Greece, from 2005 to 2016.

Off Road Team’s experience for mapping out off road routes along with faultless design of Road Books and in conjunction with the organizational force of LAMS, guaranties a most exciting and unforgettable race experience.

After the big success of the Serres Rally from 2011 to 2016, the 7th edition of our big race is on the road!

1400 off road kilometers,
1350 of them in the 7 Special Stages,
crossing 13 mountains,
during 7 days,
round 5 prefectures,
and 4 big cities…

Mountaintops, slops, rivers, hard scrap roads, fast flat tracks, verdurous grasslands and off road trails, mud, sand and stone, deep forest screening the route, old military ruins, compile the perfect Rally Raid scenery…

- From Kilkis and Serres to Drama town, through the mountains Krousia and Black Mountain, Belles and Agistro,
Lailias and Vrontou Mountains, Menikio (or Bosdakas) and Granite, Falakro (bald…) and West Rodopi …
- From the muddy “Road of Water”, to the tarmac “kotzam kalderim” fortress green road from “Metaxa” season…
- From the stony passing on Bosdakas mountaintop -1800 meters altitude-, to the artificial Nestos Lake…
- From Old Sidirokastro, to the Air Giant Generators and thermal springs on Agistro Mountain …
- From the border line on Belles Mountain, to the “Turtle’s Path” with the Golden Ground at Krousia Mountain…
- From endless grasslands with cows and wild horses, to the buffalos and thousands of storks’ birds that live at Kerkini Lake…
- From Castanea Forest and Menikia Lake calmness, to the Fir Forest, Black Pine Forest, and the unique Simida Forest in Europe on the top of Rodopi.
- And from well known sandy potato fields at Vrontou, to the crown of Lailias and the deers playing round the loam roads and paths around…

It will be a fantastic trip through Macedonia, from a different point of view! At the end of every day we will gather at the town of Serres, at Elpida Resort & Spa Hotel.
Inside this ideal place, there are all the facilities for competitors and followers at a special colorful bivouac!

Α big International 7 days Race which will excite endurance and feelings…!

Men, Mountains and Machines, following an unforgettable adventure!

At www.serresrally.com you will find all essential information for the race, maps, video, photos from race routes and tourist information about Serres prefecture.
The race centre will be based at the Elpida Hotel Resort, providing a variety of facilities.

We invite you as competitors, visitors, spectators, alone or with your friends and family, to our hospitable event, full of comforts, in a unique race in Macedonia - Greece, the biggest race ever been done in our country!

Thank you and look forward to seeing you at the race, from August 27th to September 2nd.


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