Routing the Serres Rally 2015

For Bikers only…

The 6th Edition of Serres Rally is by far the most technical, the most enjoyable and the most beautiful! Less kms, less –as always- asphalt, and big adventurous special stages…

The road book will not be difficult, the tracks will not be unpassable or nerve ranking, but except the fast dirt roads with the perfect soft soil, there will be a lot of old forlorn roads, with big ruts and washouts, a real adventure to pass them nattily…

It is a really bike race, (Quads will follow different tracks) with a lot enjoyable enduro skills and small tricks that you can choose your right way to the final destination!

You can use your compass, you can use your mind, you can use your GPS (only in case of emergency), you can use your feeling!

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