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Routing the Serres Rally 2017

The 7th Edition of Serres Rally is just around the corner and the Serres Rally team is up in the mountains scouting the routes so that everything is 100% ready for your enjoyment.

We are scouting every inch of Central Macedonia territory to bring you the best routes and the most enjoyable. We do this every year and that is why we are the best rally in Europe.

Scouting takes takes days as we want it to be perfect, we run and re run the route to ensure there are NO mistakes or gaps in the roadbooks which you rely on. It’s boring to have the same route every year so we spend time creating new routes for our competitors.

And don’t forget:
The Serres Rally Raid Team, We do not discover the tracks. 
We create them!

Check out the photos from Scouting at Central Macedonia territory and Bulgaria   http://www.serresrally.com/index.php/gallery/gallery/scouting 

You can enjoy latest videos from our scouting team.

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