aAt the 5th Day we enter Bulgaria. It is a Marathon Stage, without support!


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After the borders we start the SS5 Belasitsa, a beautiful stage in the ridge of Belles Mountain with magnificent view to Greece – Kerkini Lake, Doirani Lake, and to Bulgaria – Ograjden Mountain.
Then we will go to Ograjden Mountain for the next delicious Special Stage (6). The finish of this SS is at Petrich, where we can refuel the bikes before to go up to the mountain to the bivouac at 20kms.
There will be park-ferme for the bikes after 30 minutes time for the riders to work on the bike, and prepare it for the next day. It is forbidden for the mechanics to work on the bikes – just only the riders! Breaking this rule it is 1 hour penalty.
There is an old Hotel, with 50-60 beds in about 9-10 rooms (doubles, triples, and 8-10 bed rooms). The cost to stay in a room is very very low.
Of course you can stay in your tents.
Orga will carry your tents and sleeping bags.
All support people and mechanics can join us at Belesitsa Bivouac, or the can stay at near Town Petrich, or stay at Serres.

Next morning, the 6th Day, we return down to Petrich and then to Marikostinovo to start the next Special Stage (7) to the Slavianka Mountain, going to Exochi Borders.
In the Greek side, before the last Special Stage (8) you can change tires for safety reasons. ONLY there!



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