Serres Rally 2017 Day 0

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Gentlemen start your engines!!!!

Everything is ready for the 7th edition of the Serres Rally. Six + One competition days of rally raid adventure which is centered around the Elpida Resort and Spa in the city of Serres.

The unique hotel bivouac has flourished with motorbikes, tracks, crews and families making it an even more colorful landscape. 

Over 95 riders from all over the world, (America, Australia, Albania, Germany, Ireland Holland, England, Czech, Finland, Turkey, Belgium, Spain, Bulgaria, Albania, South Africa, Scotland, Estonia, Israel, Russia, Austria, Greece, Slovakia and Italy just to mention a few), are ready to start the Serres Rally 2017 Adventure which will take them over 1400kms of breath taking landscapes, mountain tops, slops, rivers, hard scrap roads, fast flat tracks, verdurous grasslands and off road trails, mud, sand and stone, deep forest screening the route, old military ruins and this year we will be crossing the border into Bulgaria to compile the perfect Rally Raid scenery. 

The Serres Rally will cover 9 special stages, including 1 big Marathon stages, crossing 12 mountains, 4 prefectures, 4 major cities and 2 countries all in seven days of Rally Raid madness.
Day Zero included scrutineering for every rider and bike, the 1st riders briefing and lots of relaxation pool time. 

All riders and crews were out testing their bikes on the Serres roads and hills to get a first look and taste of the landscape that they will encounter in the next 7 days. There was nothing but smiles on every rider’s face returning back to the paddocks. 

On Sunday we will see the prologue for the race and the ceremonial race start from the center of the city of Serres. A city where you can enjoy an amazing night life, the well-known traditional Greek souvlaki or just relax with a well-deserved night cap after the race. 

We must also mention the brave five women that will take part in our race this year, everyone at Serres is rooting for them.

Women, Men, Mountains and Motorbikes, following an unforgettable adventure!

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