Serres Rally 2017 Day 1

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Day 1 at the SERRES RALLY 2017 sent the riders out to get a taste of what is to follow in the next few days; every rider was gear in, hand on the gas awaiting the start. All riders managed to finish and all were amazed with the Greek Landscape. 

Stage one of the day was the SUPER SPECIAL ‘Melenikitsi’ 47km SS1 prologue, which took place in the beautiful mountains overlooking the city of Serres. First part of the stage started with light sand surface and rocky climbing followed by a tricky enduro and fast downhill section for the finish. 

First overall was #1 Stefan Svitko (and first in class 3) finishing the stage at 45’25” (KTM XC 450) and managed to noch up the day on the top spot. Second was #2 Ondrej Klymciw (HUSQVARNA FE 450) finished the stage at 49’11” due to navigational mistakes. Third was #76 Txomin Arana (HUSQVARNA FE 501) after 51’49” (1st class 4). Class 1 winner was #20 Carlo Augusto Cabini and in class 2 #Simon Hewitt come in first place. In the veteran class #17 Alessandro Cavicchi had the best time and in class 5 the fastest was #92 Federico Butto. 

First to finish the stage in the women category was #12 Gabriela Novotna (KTM EXC 450) followed by #13 Tanja Willmann (KTM EXC 350 F) and third #11 Polytimi Kyriakopoulou (YAMAHA WR 450 F). 

With the sun on the other side of the continent and the night set, the ceremonial start of the SERRES RALLY 2017 was the main attraction of the city. All riders were introduced to the public which gathered in the thousands see them up close. They also had the chance to talk with the riders and selfie themselfs with their favorite riders and bikes. Smiles all around from riders and spectators lit up the town center in Serres for the 7th year in a row. 

On Monday is the real start of the race as we see the 300km marathon stage. 

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