Serres Rally 2017 Day 2

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Day 2 at the SERRES RALLY 2017 and with the temperature building up, the riders woke up early to start the 263km stage at Chalkidiki and Volvi lakes. Stage 2 of the day was the start of real racing with the SPECIAL STAGE ‘Ayrton - Chalkidiki - Lakes’ a 263km stage taking the riders in and out of a dusty forest settings with open plans in between. 


1st to finish overall again today was #1 Stefan Svitko finishing the stage at 4h41’41” (KTM XC 450). 2nd was one more time #2 Ondrej Klymciw (HUSQVARNA FE 450) taking a time of 4h45’02”. 3rd was #76 Txomin Arana (HUSQVARNA FE 501) with 4h50’08” trying to catch the leaders. In class 1 #20 Carlo Augusto Cabini(KTM EXC250 F) finished again on top. In class 2 #35 Matteo Mattioli(KTM EXC 300) grabbed first place and in the Veteran class #17 Alessandro CAVICCHI(HUSQVARNA FE 250) was the fastest on the stage and in class 5 #93 Stanislav Pavelka(KTM LC4 590 R) managed to run the fastest time in his class. 

In the women category once again #12 Gabriela Novotna (KTM EXC 450) was the fastest, followed by #11 Polytimi Kyriakopoulou (YAMAHA WR 450 F) and #13 Tanja Willmann (KTM EXC 350 F). 

Overall Classification: 1. #1 Stefan Svitko 2. #2 Ondrej Klymciw 3. #76 Txomin Arana. 

Tomorrow the riders head out to the 283km Lailias-Agistro-Menikio SS3 stage. 

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