Serres Rally 2017 Day 4

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Day 4 at the SERRES RALLY 2017 and the breath taking views of the Bosdakas mountain was the setting for SS4. The Bosdakas gave the riders an unforgettable view that over looked all of Serres. At the top of the mountain, the view was one not easy to forget and this made the SS4 even more amazing for the riders.


First to finish the stage on day was #1 Stefan Svitko with a 33’02” (KTM XC 450). 2nd was #44 Kreidl Ferdinand (KTM EXC 450) with a 38’23” and 3rd for the day was #76 Txomin Arana (HUSQVARNA FE 501) with a 38’53”. Ondrej Klymciw did not start the stage today as he wanted to rest due a minor injury. Both #20 Carlo Augusto Cabini (Class 1) and #35 Matteo Mattioli (Class 2) finished again on top in their classes. In class 4 the fastest on the stage was # 76 Txomin Arana and in class 5 the quickest was #93 Stanislav Pavelka and in the Veteran class #51 Mark Hurlston was the quickest on the mountain.

In the women category things changed at the top and #11 Polytimi Kyriakopoulou (YAMAHA WR 450 F) took the top time. 2nd was #12 Gabriela Novotna (KTM EXC 450) and 3rd was #13 Tanja Willman (KTM EXC 350F).

Overall Classification: 1. #1 Stefan Svitko 2. #76 Txomin Arana 3. #55 Wesley Pittens Tomorrow the marathon stage takes over which will lead the riders in Bulgaria and back. 

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