Serres Rally 2017 Day 6

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Day 6 at the SERRES RALLY 2017 and day 2 of the marathon stage in Bulgaria, which included the SS7 Slavianka and SS8 E6 stages. 


The stages of the day took the riders through the villages of the region of Sandanski and then over the mountain and back into Greece. The SS8 stage lead the riders through forest mountain roads which included a forest up hill and routes of the European path way of E6 then to the famous Sari Yar road returning to the Bivouac and the Elpida Resort and Spa. 

After SS7 and SS8 and six days in a row top #1 Stefan Svitko was the fastest with a 3h06’44” (KTM XC 450). 2nd was the youngster #20 Carlo Augusto Cabini - 3h23’24” (KTM EXC 250F) and 3RD #44 Kreidl Ferdinand(KTM EXC 450) after 3h34’02”. In class 2 #35 Matteo Mattoli continues to lead the way also #76 Txomin Arana in class 4. Final classification and winner in class 5 was #92 Federico Butto (HUSQVARANA 701). In the Veteran class #9 Jan Zatko took the top time for a second day in a row.

In the women category top time for a third day running was #11 Polytimi Kyriakopoulou (YAMAHA WR 450 F) but took 2nd overall with #12 Gabriela Novotna (KTM EXC 450) winning the final classification.

Overall Classification: 1. #1 Stefan Svitko 2. #76 Txomin Arana 3. #20 Carlo Augusto Cabini 

Tomorrow the riders will do the Enduro stage which will follow the most beautiful parts of the Six Days 2008. 

Tomorrow night will also see the closing ceremony which will be held at the Elpida Resort and Spa. 

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