Serres Rally 2017 Day 7

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Day 7 marks the end of the Serres Rally 2017 , a rally which will leave the best impressions on the riders and unforgettable memories of an amazing Rally.

The riders enjoyed seven days of head-to-head battles with beautiful scenery, stunning mountaintops, hidden paths, rain, mud, beautiful lakes and trails and which they could not imagine.

This year Serres rally 2017 lead the riders to Bulgaria giving them a two day marathon stage in the mountain of Belles.

The stage of the seventh day was the very technical hard Enduro course, going through paths of the Six Days of 2008, which needed good navigation skills to get through it.

The overall winner for 2017 was #1 Stefan Svitko who had the perfect race finishing first in 6 of the 7 days. Stefan was in a race of his own as he was unstoppable and very fast, Ondrej Klymciw was on his tail for the first few days but due to an injury could not continue and had to abandon the race. Stefan finished with a total time of 19h18’21”.

2nd was the Spaniard #76 Txomin Arana as he completed the rally with a 20h39’53” who also was very fast on the stages in all 7 days. 

3rd was the Italian youngster #20 Carlo Augusto Cabini which started slow but ended up fighting for 2nd with Txomin Arana, his total time was 21h02’45”. This year young riders enter and proved that they have a lot of talent going head to head with the more experienced riders. 

The top five closed with #55 Wesley Pittens in fourth and #7 Roberto Barbieri in five.

Category Winners were as follows: 
Class 1: #20 Carlo Augusto Cambini 
Class 2: #35 Matteo Mattioli 
Class 3: #1Stefan Svitko 
Class 4: #76 Txomin Arana 
Class 5: #93 Federico Butto 
Class 6: #97 Timo Heinen 
Women: #12 Gabriela Novotna 
Veterans: #19 Guillaume Martens 
Class LITE-GPS: Fabian Gorlach 

All riders left with the best of memories of Serres Rally 2017 . The weather conditions were mix with a couple of day’s rain which made the race prefect giving the riders a feel of how it is to ride in all weather conditions. There were smiles all around after every special stage and for sure, many riders will be back next year ready for another 7 days of rally madness.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors that supported us this year: Elpida Resort & Spa, Motorex, PlanetSIM, Superfast Ferries, Goldentyre, MyTrack, Nektar, Voreia Beer, VW Poreia, EPOMEA, Basakis. 

We hope to see all the riders next year and promise them it will be more spectacular in 2018.

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