We would like to announce that SuperFast Ferries will be once again one of our sponsors for the Serres Rally 2018, offering participations discount prices for the transport to the rally.

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Superfast Ferries supports once again the Serres Rally, and offers discount prices to our competitors.

Below are the details that Super Fast Ferries will provide:


- 30% discount for transport of passengers, trucks, cars & trailer in all categories of accommodation from the official price list of 2018

Please note the following:

- The discount is valid only for travel to be held from Italy (Ancona or Bari or Venice) to Greece (Igoumenitsa) and from Greece (Igoumenitsa) to Italy (Ancona or Bari or Venice) during the period 18th August - 5th September 2018.

- Method of booking: If you are interested please make sure you have sent and arranged your participation for the Serres Rally. The Serres Rally team will notify SuperFast Ferries with all whom are interested in the discount (names and license plate).  Reservations and bookings will be made directly by the participants at our Athens office (Call Center, tel .: +30 210 89 19 700, fax: +30 210 89 19 709, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Tickets will be made available for pickup at the respective port at our offices on the day of departure with the reservation code of each passenger.

Order number: 17/1392/O30/GPA

on't forget to refer SERRES RALLY for the booking, so to have the discounts!

alertWe would like to kindly ask the Serres Rally Raid participants to continue asking the reservation department of Superfast Ferries, because as we get closer to the Rally Date, there will be available tickets from booking cancellations.

Contact details for more info or bookings:
Mrs. Roula Spyridakou 
Tel: 00302108919020 (in) 1383 | Fax: 00302108919029 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | www.superfast.com


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