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Serres Rally Raid 2011

It was a powerful week, which had a fantastic race rhythm, an unprecedented first for Greece and the International community. It was a race, a test event that passed with flying colors, for the world championship level according to the comments of the international observers.

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Serres Rally Raid 2012

Serres Rally 2012 got underway with the prologue Special Test at Rachovitsa area. Riders and drivers from all over Europe enjoyed a fantastic 17km course which gave photographers and spectators a chance to see the competitors in action.

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Serres Rally Raid 2013

Serres Rally 2013 has ended! It was an unforgettable week, full of emotions! The happiness of success was shaded under “our” Angelo's loss.. A full power race, five days and 1400kms, for eighty bikes, quads and ten cars, in a high-level competition.

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Rally Raid 2014

The race is 7 days of competition, with 7 Stages. There is no dust in sight, not even a sample! Take a quick presentation of the stages of the event. 

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Rally Raid 2015

7 days on the mountains. It was a fantastic week! A week full of action, navigation, Rally, Enduro, fun, friendships. It was the Serres Rally 2015 5th edition, better than ever!

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Rally Raid 2016

After 7 days of competition, 1700 km, 7 stages, crossing 6 municipalities, 14 mountains, through 6 lakes and 90% gravel, the 6th Edition of the biggest Rally in Greece ends in success, making the Serres Rally one of the best gravel terrain event.

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