Ancient Amphipolis


Ancient Amphipolis is amongst the major sources of Hellenism during Macedonian and Roman times and was the apple of discord between Sparta and Athens during the Peloponnesian War.

Amphipolis is located 55 km south of Serres, near the mouth of the river Strymona.

At the time of Theseus the town was called Nine Streets, and was named in 437 BC when the Athenians conquered it by establishing a strong colony there.

The archaeological excavations have revealed parts of several buildings, a large part of the cemetery and the impressive fortress walls as well as its famous wooden bridge connecting the two sides of the Strymona River as mentioned by Thucydides.

Symbol of the city is the Lion of Amphipolis, a monument representing the power of the ancient times.

In the Archaeological museum, the visitor may see coins, inscriptions and rare finds from the area’s history.

Nearby, in Angista (about 12 km from Alistrati) you will find restored Macedonian graves.  During July and August the Festival of Amphipolis takes place on the Archaeological Park.


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