Cave Alistrati


One of the nicest and largest caves in Greece and Europe!

Cave Alistrati is found 6 km southeast of Alistrati in the Petroto area where all the surrounding natural landscape gives you a secret sense of power, something to prepare you for an unforgettable experience. Historically, the path to the cave is accompanied by myths and stories, as people of the region descended to its depths.

The Greek Speleological Society recognized the existence of cave Alistrati in1975. Its explored area is approximately 25,000 square meters and its surface is almost flat.

The cave was born out of geological phenomena that began almost 2 million years ago.

It features excellent natural ventilation in all its parts which are naturally safe.

The overall length of the known primary and secondary routes is approximately 3 km.

Inside the cave, the route starts from the grand entrance all the way to the main hall where the floor is nearly horizontal with small gradients. Arriving in the main part of the cave, majestic stalactites are hanging from the ceiling, wonderful stalagmites rise from the ground and the columns that are created form a beautiful monumental composition which is inspired by nature itself.

For more info: www.alistraticave.gr



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