Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Serres Rally wishes you Happy New Year!   


ENDURO GREECE Our new partner Enduro Greece offers really well prepared bikes and support help for the Serres Rally.


DIPPING A TOE INTO RALLY RAID WITH YAMAHA'S WR250F Words by Llewelyn Pavey @ enduro21.com

Serres Rally 2015... The day after

SERRES RALLY 2015 - THE DAY AFTER7 days on the mountains...It was a fantastic week! A week full of action, navigation, Rally, Enduro, fun, friendship... It was the Serres Rally...


Everything about the race!


Make your own refueling plan day by day!

Serres Logo

PRINT YOUR T-SHIRTPrint your own T-Shirts and exchange them at Serres! Download our logos and make your own T-Shirt or stickers in your Team colors! Let’s have a colorful collection at...


JERRY CAN At 3rd and 5th Day, we will carry your jerry cans to the remote refuel on the mountains!


PADDOCKS You can come at 19th at Elpida Resort, as this is the date for the paddocks opening.


MOBILE PHONE WITH ROAMING At the Administrative Control you must present your personal mobile phone (telephone number) with roaming, in which we can contact at any time during the racing...

My-Track Electricity

MY-TRACK NEEDS ELECTRICITY! Important! All riders must have a pair of wires of at least 10cm length in the cockpit area which will draw 12V with a fuse 2A...


GRC POWER FACTORY TECHNICAL SUPPORT GRC Power Factory will once again support the Serres Rally 2015. One of the well known names in Greece, a store where you can find everything...


EZ-UP SHELTERS EZ-UP Shelters will be available for rental in smart prices in the Paddocks. For 3x3m prices start from 80€.

Health insurance coverage

HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE For riders without national license Serres Rally organization can issue a Greece Athletic Card (Greek License) in AMOTOE (Greek Motorcycle Federation), through Athletic Union Off Road Team...

Driving Directions

DRIVING DIRECTIONS Info for Support Crews and Privateers, directions from the port of Igoumenitsa (which connects to major Italian ports) to the city of Serres. 406kms total.


BRING YOUR COMPASS Don't forget to bring your compass with you because the 4th day the navigation is very tricky and the gps is absolutely forbidden. 


REQUIRED EQUIPMENT Minimum required equipment for 4x4 and 2T riders.


EPOMEA SINTIKIS - THESSALONIKIS This special Team, will help us with specialized personnel and paramedics in our Medical and Safety Plan of our race!


MEFO TIRES & MOUSSEMEFO will be our supplier for tires and mousses at Serres Rally 2015.


ECOMONICAL CRISIS IN GREECE A lot has been heard and said about the economic crisis in Greece and whether it will affect the 2015 Serres Rally.


RAFTING & KAYAK at "FORESTIS" BIVOUAC - PARANESTI The bivouac for the 5th day will be located at Paranesti, Drama, under the bridge of the River Nestos!

Scouting Serres 2015

SCOUTING SERRES RALLY 2015 Routing the Serres Rally 2015 – For Bikers only… Greece is in crisis… No money to repair the dirt roads… So… what’s better for our Rally the destroyed roads, the...

Voreia Beer

VOREIA BEEROur new partner! Voreia Beer. The best Greek Beer, a domestic beer from a new MicroBrewery!

No Action Cam? No Problem!

NO ACTION CAM? NO PROBLEM! Serres Rally is proud to announce that the crew from ADRENALINE RENT will give the riders the ability to rent GoPro Hero Cameras for the...

Red Bull X-Figthers Athens

RED BULL X-FIGHTERS ATHENS The original rider line-up changed slightly with Maikel Melero and Taka Higashino unfortunately pulling out of the event past week due to injuries, handing over the...

My-Track live

FOLLOW LIVE SERRES RALLY 2015 Publick tracking will be available only during racing hours.


MY-TRACK GPS TRACKING SYSTEMS My-Track specializes in Live Tracking applications for races and events due to the large number of tracking devices we have, data cards, software and especially dedicated...


   F.A.Q.  Some Frequently asked question about the Serres Rally. For sure, you can find everything in these web pages, but some fast FAQ are always "welcome"!

Superfast Ferries

SUPERFAST FERRIES We would like to announce that Super-Fast Ferries will be once again one of our sponsors for the Serres Rally 2015, offering participations discount prices for the transport...

Regulations - Rules

REGULATIONS - RULES Delay limits and penalties for Liaisons and Special stages, etc.

Date change by Transanatolia

Date change by TransanatoliaAll of us in Serres Rally Team believe in the good cooperation between organizers, while offering competitors and agents the ability to compete in as many events...

FIM Europe Calendar 15

SERRES RALLY UNDER FIM EUROPE CALENDARWe are very glad to announce that Serres Rally is also under FIM - Europe Calendar with EMN No 36/114

FIM Calendar 15

SERRES RALLY UNDER FIM AND FIM EUROPE CALENDAR We are very glad to announce that Serres Rally is officially in the FIM Calendar as an International Cross Country Rally...

Interview with Lleweyn Pavey.

INTERVIEW WITH LLEWEYN PAVEY.A guy that battled with technical problems all through the race and still he had a smile on his face.

Serres Raid Adventure Tour

SERRES RAID ADVENTURE TOURThe Serres Rally Team for 2015 is introducing something special for the Adventure rider.


ENDURISTA MAGAZINESerres Rally 2014 - Parte tutto con un gruppo su WhatsApp composto da me, Fabio Imperiali, Sandro Calesini (il Biscia) e Andrea Cosentino (Trinità).


TRAFO RALLY RAID TEAMTrafo Rally Raid team participation @ Serres Rally 2014 by Turkish offroad magazine.

Donna Gray

INTERVIEW WITH DONNA GRAY Donna Gray from Torque Racing was one of our female competitors and that didn’t stop her from taking a top spot at the Serres Rally 2014. She...

Serres Rally 2014 on Motors TV

SERRES RALLY 2014 ON MOTORSTV. Motors TV was at Serres Rally capturing the greatest highlights of the 2014 Edition. Watch the competitors ride through the most amazing landscapes and the...

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