Greece Rally Returns to WRC in 2021: A Historic Comeback

The motorsport world buzzed with excitement in August 2020 as rumors began circulating about the return of the Greece Rally to the World Rally Championship (WRC). This iconic event, known for its gruelling terrain and rich history, had long been missed by rally enthusiasts. The anticipation grew as Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis assured the public that the government was financially prepared to support the event, signaling a strong commitment to reviving the legendary rally.

By late December 2020, the Hellenic Ministry of Sport had agreed with the Organizing Committee for Motorsport, officially setting the wheels in motion to bring back the Acropolis Rally, also known as the Rally of Gods. This revival was not just about nostalgia but about reigniting a passion for rallying in Greece and showcasing its capability to host world-class motorsport events.

Official Announcement and Preparations

In March 2021, the rallying community received the news it awaited: the Acropolis Rally of Gods would officially return to the WRC calendar in September 2021. The announcement confirmed that Lamia would serve as the host city, providing a picturesque and challenging backdrop for the event. This return marked a significant milestone, as the Greece Rally rejoined the ranks of the world’s most prestigious rally competitions.

The 2021 event promised to be no different, offering a mix of traditional routes and new stages designed to test the limits of endurance and skill. Among the highlights was the return of the legendary Tarzan Test, a stage steeped in history and known for its demanding nature.

Government and Community Support

The Greek government’s involvement was pivotal in securing the rally’s return. Prime Minister Mitsotakis and the Hellenic Ministry of Sport’s backing underscored the event’s importance to Greece’s cultural and sporting heritage. Their support ensured that the necessary infrastructure and organizational frameworks were in place to meet the WRC’s high standards.

Local communities and businesses in Lamia and surrounding regions also welcomed the rally’s return, anticipating a boost in tourism and the local economy. The rally not only brought global attention to Greece, but also provided an opportunity for local fans to witness the thrilling spectacle of world-class rallying.